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Art on walls

Majestic Walls®, transforms residential and commercial spaces through unique art created directly onto interior walls and ceilings and external feature walls.

Using a range of artisan techniques mastered in Italy, artist Vanessa Fiebig creates Majestic Walls® which breathe life and texture into each space, captivating and drawing you into an art experience – because the art is the wall and the wall is the art.

Let your wall tell the story

Telling stories through wall art is a tradition used throughout history, with many ancient rock paintings dating back tens of thousands of years. In more “recent” times wall murals have told the stories of Mexican, Greco-Roman and other cultures, many still admired centuries later.

Majestic Walls® brings a modern twist to an ancient tradition. The designs are created in consultation with the client, designer or architect, to complement the ambiance of the room and to tell a personal narrative or reflect a unique design, creating a special place for each client. Whether creating a magical entry, transforming a special room or making a statement in a commercial space, Majestic Walls® will add prestige, value and a point of interest that will delight all those who experience the art.  Read how

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