Your wall is my canvas

Every MajesticWalls® design is a unique masterpiece, tailored specifically for each client. The artwork will provide a focus that will enhance the experience for everyone who is embraced by its presence.

Private residences – imagine the first impression experiencing Majestic Walls® as you enter the front door of a home; or the sense of surprise that awaits when Majestic Walls® transforms a wall in a living room, dining area or bedroom.

Salons & Boutiques – with just one wall, Majestic Walls® creates a sense of unique style that brings your customers into an art space just by entering your salon or boutique.

Restaurants & Hotels – create an element of surprise in your lobby, restaurant or bar. Majestic Walls® gives your restaurant or hotel the edge in art and design.

Offices – let your Boardroom tell the story.  Majestic Walls® creates an aesthetic that is inspirational, innovative and confirms you’re ahead of the game.

Designed to complement the overall interior or exterior design, Majestic Walls® creates value, intrigue and prestige to any space.

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