“Adamah Collection” – Wall design concepts


The above concepts are some of the most recent designs by Majestic Walls®.

“Adamah Collection” celebrates the earthy tones and the origin of materials including Venetian plaster. Vanessa uses a range of traditional and modern techniques to create a unique narrative for each client. The materials are hard wearing and the result intriguing – drawing you in to the texture, colour and overall design that come to life the more you are embraced by the artwork.


Majestic Walls® Signature Designs




Prosperity … Art installation in office – Queensland

A prosperous soul enables us to successfully journey through life in completeness, safety, health, soundness and contentment. Acknowledging and honouring the source of our wisdom, favour and wealth takes us to a place in within us where nothing is broken and nothing is missing.

Created for corporate client, this three-dimensional installation is created using fibreglass, is hand painted with fine details including Swarovski crystals.

Measurements of the artwork: 320cm (width) and 265 cm (height)
Location of the artwork: Southport, Australia




Virtuous – hair dressing salon, Tuscany

“A right inner disposition brings forth precious fruits.

A character from which flows strength, beauty, righteousness and moral excellence springs forth life”.


Measurements of the artwork: 270cm (height) and 80cm (width)
Location: Pennabilli, Italy [/one_half_last]





Unveiled – bedroom wall over exposed brickwork

It is our privilege to search out purposes which are concealed. Such purposes need to be seriously considered for their importance to be recognised and understood; in order that the Truth may be more treasured and valued when discovered.


Measurements of the artwork: 252cm (width) and 180 cm (height)
Location of the artwork: Rigutino, Italy




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