Vanessa – the Artist

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Majestic Walls®’ designer and creator, Vanessa Fiebig grew up in the hills of Tuscany, Italy, a picturesque region known for its landscapes, history and artistic legacy. Art has flowed through Vanessa’s veins for as long as she can remember. Her passion for colour and art was nurtured and woven into her childhood. Art, history and creativity were an integral part of growing up in her vibrant Italian home.

Majestic Walls®’ unique design-narratives go far beyond the seen product; their poetic images touch and beautify the heart. The ever-changing facets of crystals and gems surprise the onlooker with an inspiration to look beyond the surface of the Walls, invigorating the imagination… revealing unexpected Truths.

Vanessa describes her Walls as “the reflection of grandeur; a mark of royalty to grace any space”.

The artist has lived in Australia since 1996 and resides on the Gold Coast with her husband Jonathan, and their three beautiful children.


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